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Energy Saving Features on New Printer Models

Energy saving is a vital issue to both the environment and the economy. With energy costs anticipated to escalate due to climate change policies and other measures and pressure to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, it is imperative to save energy that can be of great help to this movement. For instance, home appliances vary greatly Continue Reading

Going Green: How to Power Future Homes

Green energy is going to be part of our future. There is no escaping it. The world’s demands for energy are growing with its population, and so is the need for clean, renewable energy to power the future cities. In response to this overwhelming demand, scientists and companies are in hot pursuit for the latest Continue Reading

Thailand’s New Energy Plan

It is known to many that energy is the prime mover to economic growth. With truth to such knowledge, it is important for a nation to pay more attention to proficient use of energy sources. The Royal Thai Government prioritizes a mission on leading Thailand to a sustainable economic growth to reduce social differences and Continue Reading

Trimming Energy Use in Pest Control Production and Use

In the United States, about 10 kilo-calories of fossil fuels were required to produce and deliver one kilo-calorie of food to the consumer. A third of this amount of energy is spent on the production of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and on the equipment used in its applications. Due to the current energy and economic Continue Reading

US Pushes Wind Energy Growth

The White House confirms that nearly a third of United States’ new electric capacity is accounted to wind energy. The Obama government touts continued support to bringing more development on the use of wind energy in powering American homes and industries. In the history of American government, the Obama administration had made the largest investment Continue Reading

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US Pushes Wind Energy Growth

The White House confirms that nearly a third of United States’ new electric capacity is accounted to wind energy.

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The pressing need for more sustainable energy

...emphasizes the necessity of limiting energy consumption by industries as well as households.

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Living with the small changes proposed by renewable energy sources appliances can significantly help cut down energy consumption and costs.

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More than just a utility, energy fuels life

...with natural and manmade calamities crippling the nation’s progress on energy efficiency, a nationwide call to restore energy lines.

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