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US Pushes Wind Energy Growth

The White House confirms that nearly a third of United States’ new electric capacity is accounted to wind energy. The Obama government touts continued support to bringing more development on the use of wind energy in powering American homes and industries.

In the history of American government, the Obama administration had made the largest investment in clean energy. In 2011, the government spent roughly 14 billion dollars, which accounted to 32 percent of the nation’s new wind power generating capacities. As a result, 13 million American homes now benefit from this new renewable energy generation.

By end to 2011, the US Department of Energy confirmed the report that the country’s total production of wind generated energy was already equivalent to 3.3 percent of the nation’s total demand for energy. Compared to other developed nations, this number still makes the US lag behind many other countries generating wind energy.

To help wind energy compete with other existing alternative energy sources such as solar power and natural gas, the federal government provided tax credits for wind energy producers. Tax credits that amounts to 30 percent of cost were given. Although tax credits are bound to expire at the end of this year, it is yet to be renewed.

The ever-growing industry of wind energy also gave millions of Americans quite a full range of career and business opportunities. Apparently, the industry supports roughly 75,000 full time jobs in 43 states. 67 percent of the turbine equipment used where produced domestically.
Senior administration officials stated that President Obama recommends extensions to wind energy tax credit must be a top priority. The president states that wind energy do not only provide the nation energy security but also jobs that secure families.

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US Pushes Wind Energy Growth

The White House confirms that nearly a third of United States’ new electric capacity is accounted to wind energy.

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