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Going Green: How to Power Future Homes

Green energy is going to be part of our future. There is no escaping it. The world’s demands for energy are growing with its population, and so is the need for clean, renewable energy to power the future cities. In response to this overwhelming demand, scientists and companies are in hot pursuit for the latest technology which can provide alternatives to our carbon-laden lifestyle.  Technology is useful if it can translate into something consumers can actually buy, thus creating the demand to power the industry.  The good news is that the technology we need to accomplish that is already available for us to use. As active citizens of the world, it is important that we understand our choices as consumers affect our environment.  So if you want to kick carbon in the butt and be part of the green revolution, here are a few things you can do to your house to make it greener.  If charity starts at home, so should living green.

Here is a shortlist of some green technology that homeowners can now use:

1      Solar panels are available and they actually work!  Some people might think it’s a bit pricey, but newer panels are being made more affordable for the regular home owner, plus it brings back the return in a few years.  Solar panels are reliable and more importantly, it can power your house for free.

2      Using the wind for energy is an idea that’s been around for centuries, and thanks to Mother Nature, we still have strong winds.  Wind generators for homes are also available and they can work with the solar panels to provide energy to your house. Making homes self sufficient in energy makes practical sense, and the threat of a total blackout is made more unlikely.

3      Picking the right appliances makes a big difference.  There are many brands of appliances that have started making smart machines that are very energy efficient and environment friendly.  Some of the new washers are so high-tech that they can weigh the clothes they carry and adjust their cycling mode – all that plus they take less energy to power.  Experts agree one can start with switching to these appliances as a first step to going green, so get that pickup car rental, and throw that bulky energy-consuming refrigerator to the Salvation Army.

4      Try a green roof or green wall.  These options not only provide natural air cleaners and habitat for animals, they also provide added insulation no matter what the climate is.  They provide relief from the sun on tropical countries, and they also provide heat insulation for cold ones.  And on top of the practical benefits, the most important thing about green roofs is its aesthetic value.  They can be any kind of garden you want it to be, and a beautifully kept one actually increases the value of the property. That’s a win-win situation for the home owner.

5      Double window panes.  This works wonders for people living in really cold winters. This cuts heating cost considerably because heat is kept virtually intact inside the house (considering your have heavily insulated walls).  It is important to note that heating considerably increases the energy consumption of homes during winter for up to 100 percent, depending on the size, keeping your home green by reducing energy cost can also do wonders for your bank account.

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