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What Is Level 1 ASP?

Level 1 ASP (Accredited Service Provider) is part of the accreditation scheme administered by the Office of Fair Trading, and pertains to the contestable work done on electricity distribution network. The scheme provides accreditation to individuals or incorporated business to take up contestable work in:

  • Networks assets designing
  • Increasing or extending network capacity
  • Disconnecting or connecting installations
  • Service lines installation and energizing
  • Meters installations
  • Network assets relocation

The accreditation is mainly provided to ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of electricity distribution, and connections to customers in New South Wales (NSW). Only the accredited service providers are authorized to undertake such contestable work. The responsibility of this policy falls on the DWE (The Department of Water and Energy), who prepares the essential technical documents needed by the accredited persons. Such documents include, Service and Installation Rules of NSW, and Code of Practice Contestable Works. The scheme provides three levels of accreditation, and an individual or incorporated business can apply for accreditation for more than one level.

What services can level 1 ASP provide?

Services can be provided for contestable work on assets of distribution network. After receiving the accreditation, the service provider can undertake work related to underground or overhead distribution networks. Such work can include:

  • Jointing, stringing and laying of electricity cables
  • Excavation of cable trenches underground
  • Erection of electricity poles
  • Conducting work on live cables
  • Building, repairing or working inside electricity substations
  • Construction work using equipment and plant

Application and Fees

Applicants have to fill and submit the Level 1 application form, and the fees for the same are clearly mentioned on the form. In the month of September, these fees are adjusted as per the rate of Sydney Consumer Price Index.

Qualifications and Criteria for Awarding Accreditation

Appendix C of the application form provides all the details regarding the required qualifications. The applicant should also have done the following:

  • A system implementation of Quality Assurance
  • Have the required equipment and tools (as mentioned in Appendix A)
  • Implementation of management plan of a sub-contractor, and environment management plan
  • System implementation of safety and health
  • Satisfactory performance in their past work and safety performance assessment

Applicants will be assessed based on their ability to meet the above criteria. They will need to demonstrate such capabilities, which will include an on-site assessment. The arrangements for such assessment will be done by the department; however, certain costs will have to be borne by the applicant.

Gradation Level 1 providers have A to C grading, which reflects their level of expertise and competence. The highest grade is A, and lowest is C, and these grades are awarded using a method of assessment. The local distributor charges the inspection fee as per the grade of the ASP. These fees, according to grades are already determined by the AER (Australian Energy Regulator). For further information regarding Level 1 ASP, qualifications and required competencies contact National Training Information Service or visit

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